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| Dragonfly |

Originally the “master bedroom” at Riverwalk Bed and Breakfast, this room offers a 3-piece en-suite with a large shower and queen size bed.

Individually controlled air conditioner is in the room.

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| Gardenview |

Twin Bed Room at Riverwalk Bed and Breakfast Gananoque

Our whimsical bedroom offers two twin beds (perfect for a girlfriend’s getaway) and overlooks Riverwalks peaceful and relaxing garden. Gardenview offers a private 3-piece en-suite that includes a corner shower with glass door. There is an air conditioning that you control in the room.


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| Riverview |

Riverview room at Riverwalk Bed and Breakfast Gananoque

Located in the southwest corner, Riverview Bed and Breakfast offers a queen size bed as well as a private en-suite with a Jacuzzi tub to relax in at the end of an exciting day. Enjoy the beautiful river breeze as it whispers through the window on a warm summer evening.  There is an air conditioner in the room for you to control.

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